The Bonaventure Adventures

Although Sebastian Konstantinov has grown up in his father’s travelling circus, he has absolutely no circus skills of his own. But when his family circus falls on hard times, Seb knows it’s up to him to help save it, and he thinks he knows what do so. His plan involves attending the highly selective Bonaventure Circus School in Montreal, where he’ll learn how to modernize his family’s failing circus. He secretly writes to the school’s Directrice, who accepts him right away, assuming he’ll be as talented as his famous father. Soon he’s off to Montreal, desperately hoping he can keep his lack of talent secret and completely unaware of the surprises, mysteries, and unforgettable characters that await him!

Winner of the 2019 Chocolate Lily Award. A finalist for the 2018/19 Diamond Willow Award and the 2019 Hackmatack Award


“The Bonaventure Adventures is likely to be the most fun readers will have in 2017. Highly Recommended.”

–CM Magazine