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The Circus Dogs of Prague

Sequel to The Metro Dogs of Moscow

JR and his embassy friends Robert, Pie, and Beatrix are on their way to Prague! Having solved the mystery of the missing dogs in Moscow, JR is ready for a vacation with his human, George, and George’s Russian girlfriend, Nadya. And where better to distract themselves than in Prague, taking in the sights and meeting Nadya’s brother, a circus performer.

But something is amiss at the circus—the animals are unhappy. The boxing kangaroo doesn’t want to box, the dancing chimpanzee doesn’t want to dance. Not only that, but a fancy new circus is coming to town, threatening to put everyone out of a job. It’s up to JR and the embassy dogs to save the show, with the help of some unlikely accomplices.

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    The Metro Dogs of Moscow was a finalist for the OLA Silver Birch Award, the CLA Book of the Year for Children, the Red Cedar Award, and the Rocky Mountain Book Award, and more!


Rachelle Delaney

Rachelle Delaney is the author of several middle grade novels, including The Metro Dogs of Moscow, which is a finalist for the 2014 Silver Birch Award, the CLA Book of the Year for Children Award, the Red Cedar Book Award, and the Rocky Mountain Book Award, among others. Its sequel, The Circus Dogs of Prague, was released in Spring 2014. In 2010, she was named the top under-30 author in Canada.

When not writing novels, Rachelle can often be found running, cycling, and planning adventures. Her travels have taken her tree-climbing in Costa Rica, searching for pygmy elephants in Borneo, horse-riding with gauchos in Chile, and tracking down stray dogs in Russia, among other exploits. She will go on at length about any of these if you let her.

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Author Visits

Rachelle is available for school, library, and book club visits. Currently, teachers and librarians can choose from the following fun and interactive presentations, both geared toward Grade 3 to 7 students.

Making an Old Story New

This lively presentation introduces students to the popular Lost Souls series, which revolves around a crew of pirate children led by the feisty 12-year-old Scarlet McCray. Through games, discussions, and short readings, students explore the lives of some irresistible pirates children as well as the idea of clichés and how authors can turn them upside-down to make stories fresh and exciting. Students are challenged to think of ways that they, as story writers, can also take old stories and make them new.

The Magnificent Metro Dogs

Years ago, Rachelle came across a newspaper story about some stray dogs in Moscow that had learned to take the subway to navigate the city. Instantly inspired, she set about researching and creating a story about these amazing four-legged Muscovites. In this presentation, Rachelle tells how The Metro Dogs of Moscow came to be, describing her research, her adventures in Moscow, and the novel that emerged from the whole process. Images, short readings, and personal stories bring the Metro Dogs — both real and imagined — to life. Students are challenged to brainstorm other amazing but true stories that can inspire their own writing.


Rachelle also offers writing workshops for small groups or individual classes, as well as a presentation on the writer’s life and career for high school students.

Contact her to discuss what she can bring to your class, book club, or community group.


It was such a wonderful opportunity for our students to work with a real author–especially one so young and approachable. Feedback from students, teachers and parents alike was all very positive and I would highly recommend that any school host Rachelle as a visiting author.

– Julie Weatherall
Henderson Annex

The Cranbrook Public Library was pleased to host Rachelle Delaney at the end of the year Red Cedar celebration on April 30, 2012. Her presentation was lively and the 90 children attended really enjoyed her style and enthusiasm. … Rachelle really projected her love of stories and love of nature to the children in the audience.

– Deanne Perreault
Children’s and Youth Librarian
Cranbrook Public Library


The Metro Dogs of Moscow

A fun and loveable middle-grade mystery, inspired by Moscow’s famous stray dogs.

JR (short for Jack Russell) is an embassy dog. His human, George, works in embassies around the world and so they both travel. A lot. Now George is working at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow. While George loves the globetrotting life, he doesn’t think JR needs any more excitement than hanging out at the park with the other embassy dogs.

JR, however, has had quite enough of leashes and perfectly manicured parks — not to mention the boring embassy dogs. Inspired by seeing a stray dog steal a coil of sausages, JR sneaks out of his apartment to do a little exploring on his own and soon meets up with the wily stray and some of his friends. This is the life — amazing city smells! Mouthwatering stuffed potatoes! And best of all, freedom to travel on the Moscow subway.

But then JR’s new friends mysteriously start to disappear. When an embassy dog goes missing as well, JR knows he must use everything he’s learned about his new home to solve the mystery of Moscow’s missing dogs.

The Metro Dogs of Moscow is a finalist for the 2014 Ontario Library Association’s Silver Birch Award.

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The Ship of Lost Souls

Now a four-book series, the Lost Souls novels began with The Ship of Lost Souls, a rollicking adventure about a ship of pirate children captained by the feisty 12-year-old Scarlet McCray. When Scarlet’s crew, the Lost Souls, rescue 11-year-old Jem Fitzgerald from the pirates holding him captive, they discover that he holds the treasure map all the pirates and King’s Men in the tropics are looking for. Soon they find themselves in a race for a treasure they can’t afford to lose.

The Ship of Lost Souls was shortlisted for the Sheila A. Egoff Award (a BC Book Prize), the Red Cedar Award, and the Chocolate Lily Award. It also earned Rachelle the title of top under-30 author in Canada in 2010.

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The Ship of Lost Souls

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The Lost Souls of Island X

The Lost Souls of Island X

Titled The Guardians of Island X in the US, Book 2 picks up where Book 1 left off, on the mysterious Island X, where the Lost Souls have appointed themselves guardians of a coveted treasure. But danger isn’t far away; Captain Wallace and his crew are still after the treasure, and they want revenge on Scarlet and the Lost Souls. On top of that, Scarlet has a new problem: someone she never thought she’d see again is on the island. He’s an admiral with the King’s Men, he’s dangerous, and he’s her father.

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The Hunt for the Panther

Scarlet McCray and the crew are just settling in on Island X when they learn two very curse-worthy things. One: there’s a new pirate captain sailing the seas. And two: Scarlet’s family is coming to the tropics, forcing her to trade her pirate’s cap for a petticoat and pretend to be a “normal” 12-year-old girl. Jem Fitzgerald is left in charge, not only to guard the treasure from the pirates and keep peace among the crew, but to find the ferocious black panther that lives on Island X before the panther finds a single Lost Soul.

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  • Order The Hunt for the Panther
The Hunt for the Panther


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